Fédération Internationale de Boules


1558, rue Claires Fontaines
​01150 St Vulbas ( France)
Tél : (33) 04 74 46 49 39
Fax : (33) 04 74 46 49 47

Website : www.fiboules.org

F.I.B. (lyonnaise or volo game) constituted on 1946 to Ville Le Grand, Switzerland, thanks to the willpower of four Federations, France, Italy, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco. The first President was the French Jasserand.

The game is played on 4 x 27, 5 meters rectangular fields with the clay or asphalt floor covered by a light layer of sand.Bowls are of metal with a diameter between 90 mm and 110 mm and a weight between 900 and 1200 grams. The pla­yer has to draw up as more as possible own bowl to the jack and he can hit the jack, or the adversary bowl, with the only volo throw. Apart from the traditional game it is played new game specialities as the combinated, the progressi­ve throw, the precision throw and the relay.

Executive committee


Function Name Nationality

Frédéric RUIS

ruis frederic

General Secretary
Pascal HERNANDEZ France
Treasurer Roland RAPIN Switzerland
Vice-Presidents Marcelo BRAVO Argentina
  Marco BRICCO Italy
Counsellors Roberto FAVRE Italy
  Denis PERSIC Croatia
  Philippe COQUET France
  Mohamed Yacine KAFI Algeria
  Sandi KOFOL Slovenia
  Mutlu TURKMEN Turkey
  Dominique VERGER Monaco
Athletes Representative
Alès SKOBERNE Slovenia
  Virginia VENTURINI Italy
Past-president Christian LACOSTE France


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Petanque - F.I.P.J.P

Lyonnaise - F.I.B

Raffa Volo - C.B.I

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