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The raffa or the roundup is a sport practiced with plastic balls. The International Federation is none other than the CBI (Confederation Internationale Bocce) headquartered in Rome, a member of the CMSB is already accepted in the group of Mediterranean Games and World Games.
This sport usually practiced on the clay or carpet is part of Italy. Since the International Federation CBI over 50 countries within it. The Chinese, Italians and South Americans are the most active in Africa 2 countries are already affiliated with the CBI (Algeria and South Africa).
Since the world championships clubs and nations are organized annually.
This sport very close to of petanque and Lyonnaise Bowls based on concentartion, address and strategy. Like all sports balls its members are fighting the same battle to be recognized Olympic sport.


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Petanque - F.I.P.J.P

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Raffa Volo - C.B.I

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