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XVIIIèmes Jeux Méditerranéens Tarragone 2018
The Mediterranean Games 2018 began today - a powerful website is remarkably held up to date diffuses all the results got by the teams & the athletes with the 3 disciplines of the Sport
General Assembly CBI held in Mendrisio on 26th May
General Assembly held in Mendrisio on 26th May - The extraordinary assembly of CBI was held in Mendrisio-Switzerland on the 26th May 2018. The new executive committee was elected unanimously by the votes of 39 countries represented out of 51 members for the following 4 years term.
Interview with the administrative bodies of the sport in China
On Friday April 20th, at the end of the AGFIS General Assembly during Sport Accord in Bangkok, President Azema met and talked with the No. 2 of the General Administration of Sport in China - in Occident he would wear the title of Vice Minister - Mr. Gao Zhidan, and with the Director the International Organizations  Division of the same Administration, Ms. Shen Jie.
Candidature is not the war !
The presidents of international sport federations candidates to become additional sport for the Olympics Games 2024 in Paris and present in Bangkok for the Sport Accord Convention, decided to pose together on the same photo to fight the activities of some who want to put them in conflict.
Our hastag to push on all posts to support the bid
Our hastag to push on all posts to support the bid ! Notre hastag à utiliser sur toutes les publications pour supporter la candidature ! #justforthegame   -  #boulesport2024  -  #paris2024
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