Candidature is not the war !

The presidents of international sport federations candidates to become additional sport for the Olympics Games 2024 in Paris and present in Bangkok for the Sport Accord Convention, decided to pose together on the same photo to fight the activities of some who want to put them in conflict.

They'll defend their arguments by scrupulously respecting the rules laid down by the International Olympic Committee, but they are well aware the decision will not belong to them and they'll obviously accept the IOC's choices.
Those which'll be not selected will obviously be disappointed, but they'll congratulate the lucky ones and accept their invitation to share with them the glass of friendship to celebrate the event in the purest sporting spirit.
On the photo: Antonio Espinos (Karate - Spain), Fernando Aguerre (Surf - Argentina), Claude Azéma (Boules - France), Riccardo Fraccari Baseball/Softball - Italy), Jacques Fontaine (Squash - France)
Not present but who wanted to join the approach: Marco Scolaris (Climbing - Italy), Jose Antonio Perez Priego (Wakeboarding / Water skiing - Mexico)

Petanque - F.I.P.J.P

Lyonnaise - F.I.B

Raffa Volo - C.B.I