Interview with the administrative bodies of the sport in China

 On Friday April 20th, at the end of the AGFIS General Assembly during Sport Accord in Bangkok, President Azema met and talked with the No. 2 of the General Administration of Sport in China - in Occident he would wear the title of Vice Minister - Mr. Gao Zhidan, and with the Director the International Organizations  Division of the same  Administration, Ms. Shen Jie.

They quickly evoked the upcoming World Championships of Lyonnaise for which Claude Azéma already worked with the organizers of Jiaxing, and the problem posed by certain actions in China. They'll deal about by email at first and it'll be the subject of discussions during the future  President Azéma visit in China

Petanque - F.I.P.J.P

Lyonnaise - F.I.B

Raffa Volo - C.B.I