General Assembly CBI held in Mendrisio on 26th May

General Assembly held in Mendrisio on 26th May - The extraordinary assembly of CBI was held in Mendrisio-Switzerland on the 26th May 2018. The new executive committee was elected unanimously by the votes of 39 countries represented out of 51 members for the following 4 years term.
The new executive committee;    President: Mutlu Turkmen (Turkey)
    Deputy Vice President: Moreno Rosati (Italy)
    Vice President: Alberto Limardo (President of Pan-American Confederation)
    Secretary General: Mohamed Yacine Kafi (President of African Confederation)
    Treasurer: Danny Passaglia (USA)
    Member: Mohamed Amine Maidi (Algeria)
    Member: Raymond Cher (Australia)
    Member: Claudio Knecht (Switzerland)
    Member: Philippe Coquet (France)
    Member: Denis Persic (Croatia)
    Member: Natalia Lele (Latvia)
    Member: Jasem Manouchehri (Iran)
    Member: Maurisio Mularoni (San Marino)
The assembly also appointed the president and two vice presidents as the representatives of CBI in CMSB. Mehmet Demirdelen from Turkish Federation was elected as the chair of auditors committee.
The newly executive committee had its first meeting shortly after the assembly and composed the executive board of 5 members; Mutlu Turkmen, Moreno Rosati, Alberto Limardo, Mohamed Yacine Kafi, and Mohamed Amine Maidi.
Bernard Champey from French Federation was appointed as the Advisor of the president.

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