Training stage of educators

In accordance with what he had promised to the leaders of the Federation of India, the President Azéma is income since two days in Ahmedabad - The City of Mahatma Gandhi - accompanied by Claude Raluy, the Director of the CIEP, to animate a training of educator who brings together nearly forty trainees, from the 22 Member States of the Federation, on 29 that account of this huge country.
This training being associated with 11Emes National Championships of young people, the President participated in the opening ceremony in the presence of the President of the Regional Parliament - the state of Gujarat - also a member of the National Assembly, Dr Kitit P. Solanki. There is pronounced an intervention noticed - Audible on You Tube - and somewhat policy, linking the benefits of the practice of the bowls to the diversity of the country. He also insisted on the need for all to support the candidature of the Boules Sport in the Olympic Program, doing ask all the participants to the traditional photo in chanting the term "Olympic - Olympic".
On Monday he will travel to Delhi to meet with the President of the NOC Indian, the Minister of sports and Ms...... only Indian member of the IOC prior to return Tuesday in France, to visit Wednesday in Denmark to prepare for the presence of Boules Sport 2024 Sport Agreement and to participate in Paris at the ceremony of the presentation of the third and last folder of the candidature of the capital, Friday, 3 February, which will launch the international campaign of the three Candidate Cities.

- with the President of the Regional Parliament
- The group of young people posing for the photo

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