Drawing competition - Boules Sport 2024

In the framework of the nomination of Boules Sport 2024, the Confederation Mondiale Sport Boules CMSB organizes a drawing contest on the theme "Boules Sport 2024". You will find below the regulations of this competition of drawings open to young licensees in the FFPJP, of the FIPJP, the FIB and the IWC aged less than 14 years old (born in 2003 and after)...
Article 1:
World Confederation of Boules Sport organizes a drawing competition from February 15th until March 25th 2017.
Article 2:
This competition is open to FIPJP, FIB and CBI young members, under the age of 14 (born in 2003 and later).
Two categories are created:
- less than 10 years (born in 2007 and after)
- more than 10 years and less than 14 years (born from 2003 to 2006)
It is free of charge and is aimed at children individually.
Participation in the competition implies the full acceptance of this Regulation.
Only one drawing is allowed per participant.
Article 3:
The theme of this drawing competition is "Boules in the Olympic Games in 2024".
Article 4:
The drawings must be given on A4 or A3 size paper.
All the manual techniques can be used for the realization (felts, gouaches, pencils, cuttings - collages ...). The use of computers is prohibited.
Article 5:
The drawings must be sent directly to the office of each national federation, which will send them to the head office of Lunacom : 87 rue de la République 92150 Suresnes (France)
The name, first name, address, club, federation and date of birth of the child must appear on the back of each drawing. This information must be clearly legible.
The closing date for the submission of drawings to the national federations is March 15th 2017, date attested by the Post Office.
Each federation must select a maximum of 2 to 3 drawings per category with the help of a jury comprising at least one teacher and one psychologist able of detecting possible cheating by an adult; and forward them to the headquarters of Lunacom no later than March 20th
The international jury will meet on March 28th.
However, to encourage goodwills, the CMSB will accept drawings sent after this date and will be able to use them in the collection that will be published on this occasion.
Article 6:
The drawings chosen for their artistic qualities by a selection group of the candidature will then be submitted to a jury composed of:
- 3 members of the CMSB Comex
- 1 professional from Lunacom
- 2 teachers
- 1 psychologist
Article 7:
The best drawings will be ranked and awarded. They will be exhibited in Aarhus (Denmark) on the CMSB stand during Sport Accord, from April 2d to 7th.
The authors of the first 3 in each category will be invited to a major international sporting event as well as to the Olympic boules events if they are included in the program of the 2024 Olympic Games.
Winners necessary accompanied by an adult - elected or parent - will travel under the responsibility of their Federation.
In case of withdrawal of one of the winners the following on the list will be invited.
Article 8:
Many gifts will be offered to the authors of drawings selected, such as entries in amusement parks, boules, sports bags, products bearing the image of the Candidature....
All the winners will be notified and will receive their prize through the Federation in which they are members
Prizes must be accepted as they'll be, and cannot be changed or refunded.
Each federation will be allowed to reward the drawings which have not been awarded by the CMSB.
Article 9:
Participants authorize the CMSB to use their drawings and names in all operations and events related to the candidacy, without any advantage for the authors that prizes they may have been won.
Article 10:
The CMSB cannot be held liable if, for reasons out of its control, this contest should be modified, postponed or canceled.

Petanque - F.I.P.J.P

Lyonnaise - F.I.B

Raffa Volo - C.B.I