CASB: General Assembly "historic" has Tunis

In prelude to the 6e championships of Africa in Threesomes And The shooting of precision, the General Assembly 2017 of the African Confederation of Boules Sport has gathered in Tunis a quarantine of representatives of 18 African federations, under the direction of the President of the CASB, Mr. Ibrahima Idrissou, and in the presence of Claude Azéma, the President of the CMSB.

In his address of welcome, Mr. Lassaâd Eddhif, President of the Tunisian Federation of balls and petanque, has called upon all the world to the wisdom and work in the confraternity for the greater good of Sport of the balls. He has announced for tomorrow the presence of the Minister es sports at the opening ceremony.

Then Mr. Idrissou has developed a state of places and stressed the continued progress made by the Confederation since its re-route in 2006 in Grenoble, in particular its recognition - after having wiped out the debts of the previous management - by the UCSA - the Union of the Confederations of African Sport - and the first admission of the petanque to African Games in Brazzaville. A test of Lyonnaise had even been added and two lands made, but no Government had proposed the inclusion of teams while it must be a minimum of 5. It should however be aware that the African games are placed under the authority of the OAU and does not therefore depend almost no of the sporting world Africa.

In harmony with the new statutes proposed for the Confederations, this mandate will be placed under the seal of the fraternity and the emphasis will be on training and on the development of all disciplines boulistes. The CASB comply its geographical distribution with cutting wanted by the UCSA. As soon as the championships organised here in Tunis, the countries present will choose their president of zone and another representative before they are submitted to re-election in two years at the time of the renewal of the Bureau of the CASB. These presidents will sit elsewhere in the same of the Executive Committee of the CASB and will get the powers and the missions in their area.

After the Assembly had endorsed unanimously the choice of Mr. Faouzi Marrouchi of Tunisia as new Secretary General, the professional obligations and policies of the previous The preventing to correctly fill this role, this last is quickly presented: Lawyer with a master of international law and a Master of Political Science, released the ENA, teacher at the University of Law, Head of Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic.

The Chairman Azéma has outlined what it expected of the evolution of the governance of the CMSB, the new statutes within this perspective. They will have to be reviewed by an ad hoc group which will be able to complete with the provisions contained in the current Statutes, propose to the Executive Committee and they will be submitted to the vote of the General Assembly of 2018 to be applicable in 2019 for the next election.

The Working Group will be placed under the direction of the Secretary General and Mr. Harroug, President of the Algerian federation will be part of it, knowing that the group will be able to work mainly by e-mails.

Aware of the criticisms that have been able to be addressed to Mr. Idrissou President Azéma stressed that the latter was often alone and that he needed the Surround for him to work with. The governance must be more collégiale with commissions working really to submit proposals to the Executive Committee. It has insisted on the need to put in place a technical commission to develop the training as well as a Medical Commission Working in conjunction with that of the CMSB, stressing that it is not necessary to belong to the medical world to make part, the essential being a administrative work, of relations with the WADA, the organization of the anti-doping controls, training and information on this topic...

It is suitable primarily to engage quickly in the organization of the championships of Africa for Women. This absence would be prohibitive in the eyes of the world Olympic Movement of as much as the CMSB has put in before, in the Candidature File, the mixed events since this is current in our disciplines. At the end of the meeting with the Minister Mrs Sports of Tunisia The next day, it would seem that the first edition of these Championships in Africa will women be held next year in Tunis with the assistance of the Government. It should even be possible to pair with the Championships for young people.

This will in addition to follow the recommendations of the new statutes which provide at least two annual meetings of the Executive Committee - one in the spring, the other before a Championship of Africa, since there will now be a per year - so that their members can exchange more regularly and do not wait too long to adjust certain business.

On this subject and on the proposal of Mr. Archane, President of the Moroccan Royal Federation of Petanque, was created a Committee of Wise Men or Ethics Committee who will be responsible to examine and treat personal cases which could appear and which poison the atmosphere. He will chair the session.

In this regard the Chairman Azéma has reminded those who is surprised of the "silence" of the FIPJP that it never intervenes in the CA of person. It is only interested in possible sanctions against federations, which is not the case in the case cited since the Burkina can all participate in these championships.

He recalled that, at the international level, the sports movement is totally independent and master of its choice as to the federations that he may admit or refuse. Regardless of which a Government recognizes, an International Federation is totally free to choose the national federation which seemed to him to be the better correspond to its principles and to exclude those who do not do not meet this requirement. This is even the case for the National Olympic Committees: the IOC may indeed decide to suspend those who do not work in the right track or do not respect its values.

Exchanges have also taken place on the multiplication of continental bodies in the field of Sport of the balls. If the President Azéma has indicated that each International Federation was free of its choice, several stakeholders have estimated that the increase in the number of bodies could only harm the image of the balls in Africa and make it less strong our voice, especially as, at hand in Morocco, the three disciplines - that they are really practiced or not - are everywhere in the same national federation.

It is one thing to create an instance, another is to operate efficiently and regularly, as this is demonstrated with several continental groupings in Africa - Maghreb, Arab Union for example - or, beyond, as for the Mediterranean Union created 4 years ago and which could however be useful. The same goes for the creation of "federations" around a few people outside of any structure and without real existence, which can only be poorly taken in the countries concerned where they are not recognized.

Before answering the questions the Chairman Azéma has treated quickly to the question of the nomination of the sport of the balls in the Olympic program. If the choice of Paris for 2024 is an additional asset, the outcome is not for tomorrow. It should be especially emphasized in any circumstance that the bid is that of sport balls and not only of the petanque or of the Lyon, or of the Raffa. Even if there was only a single discipline restraint, all the other would become the Olympics. That is why he himself supported the candidature of the only Boccia for the Youth Olympic Games in 2018 in Buenos Aires, but the responsible designated to follow up the folder appears to have been for the less transparent! It must avoid to repeat the error committed in Barcelona which has led to this that our discipline has not been retained in sports then told to demonstration. However, some have a little tendency to continue in this direction which is very dangerous.

For the moment it must wait for the establishment of a committee of organization - OCOG - to IRAP

Petanque - F.I.P.J.P

Lyonnaise - F.I.B

Raffa Volo - C.B.I